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Betting is live!

The future of sports gaming is here.
You are early... join our community now!

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Founders Club NFT minting is live!

Mint now to receive OG status and get perpetual perks as an original founder of Gambit. Holders will receive revenue from bets placed at Gambit during Qatar's World Cup! 

Soccer Match

Qatar's 2022 World Cup is here!

We are leveraging on the biggest sports event in the world to launch the first version of our gaming platform.

The World Cup starts Nov 21st and it's expected to have a global in-home television audience of over 3 billion people. This is also the event with the biggest betting market in the world!


According to FIFA, Russia's 2018 World Cup saw a whopping €136 billion ($148 billion) in bets through the length of the tournament.


Do you want a share of that?

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Join Gambit's Founders Club

And get a perpetual share of Gambit's revenue!

In November 2022, we are minting a limited collection of Gambit NFTs, representing your membership to Gambit's Founder Club. Owners will share perpetual revenue of our platform, plus additional VIP perks.


Read our whitepaper to learn the mechanics and earn a whitelist spot to mint!

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Our Roadmap



Development of Qatar's 2022 World Cup event platform



Frens of Avax - Smol World Cup mini game tournament



Complete smart contract audits



Founders Club NFT Mint and beta launch with Qatar's 2022 World Cup event!



Completion of Qatar's 2022 World Cup event with full distribution of prizes

Quarter 1


Development of Crypto Gambit's v2.0 multi-sport betting platform and tokenomics of the Gambit token.

Quarter 2


Completion of audits of v2.0, IGO of Gambit token, company incorporation and/or conversion into a DAO!

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A Bit About Us

We are an experienced pack of Anon Wolfs that share the common passions of technology, crypto, sports and building amazing products!


Our mission is to unite sports Gambits from around the world to join our wolf pack, through the most innovative sports gaming platform in the crypto space.

For inquires and collaborations give us a howl in our Discord or social media.

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